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June 8, 2022

Three Times The Success: A Transformation Story of Three Pups

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Two Shih Tzu dogs

Like humans, our pups also need proper nutrition when it comes to seeing a difference in their health and overall quality of life. This Now Fresh success story features Kimberly and her three dogs, Maggie, Penelope, and Zoey, suffering from different sensitivities and issues. However, we are so happy to hear that after switching to our Now Fresh Recipe For Adult Dogs they are in great health! Read what Kimberly has to say below:

My dogs all have different nutritional needs, including sensitivities and allergies. I have tried many formulas, wanting to avoid specific ingredients.

I found Now Fresh dog food when comparing various brands. I was looking for those that didn't contain questionable ingredients or unhealthy yeast forms. Now Fresh dog food was the one that crossed all my t's!

My biggest challenge was my Bernedoodle puppy, Zoey. Before Now Fresh dog food, Zoey had bouts of upset stomach and diarrhea to the point she was going to the bathroom over ten times a day! After a month of this, she lost weight rather than gaining per week.

However, after starting on Now Fresh, her tummy troubles seemed to settle, and we saw a difference in a couple of days. Within the first two weeks, she was starting to gain some much-needed weight, and her tummy troubles had settled down!

My adult girls used to suffer from itching and were throwing up phlegm every few weeks, and since they've been on Now Fresh, all that has stopped as well!

We are all so happy to have found them, and it gives me peace of mind that they will cover all of my dog's life stages. It's just one less thing for me to worry about in the future.

Discover what makes Now Fresh the perfect recipe for your dog. With unique, delicious and wholesome ingredients, we're sure you'll find something your dog will love!

Do you have a success story to share story to share? We'd love to hear from you!


Shih Tzu dog

Kimberly Fallis

Maggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent