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October 27, 2021

Sulley's Story: How NOW FRESH Puppy Recipes Helped Sulley Go From Stomach Issues to Happy and Healthy

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Have you noticed that maybe your dog deals with stomach issues? Tiffany's puppy, Sulley, was dealing with severe bowel issues. After many attempts at medication, Tiffany decided it was time to switch to NOW FRESH Recipe for Puppies to help get his health back. Today, we are so happy to hear of his incredible transformation! Perfect for young and growing pups, NOW FRESH Recipe for Puppies is perfectly balanced nutrition and is packed with probiotics and pumpkin to support good digestion. Hear what Sulley's Mom has to say below!

NF - In blog image - Sulley (success story) in the middle of the floor

We welcomed our four-legged family member, Sulley, back in August of this year. We noticed he was having some severe bowel issues, and after being on medication a few times and it not clearing up, it was apparent; it must be his food that he was on. I contacted NOW FRESH and spoke to a wonderful representative who was extremely helpful and made some suggestions to try some new food. We started Sulley on the NOW FRESH Recipe for Puppies, and we are happy to say he is back to normal and has been fantastic ever since! He LOVES his food and looks forward to breakfast and dinner each day. No more diarrhea and healthy bowel movements! Trying new food may be just what you need! If you feel like something is wrong with your dog, listen to your gut. It's okay to try alternatives - medicine isn't always the answer!

Sulley loves his food and looks forward to breakfast and dinner every day! Sulley's energy is up and his bowel issues have disappeared!
Sulley 2 - Success Story - Tiffany Bell - author Image
Tiffany BellSulley's Mom

Just like Sulley, sometimes trying a new diet can make all the difference! Sometimes all it takes is a little trial and error before you find the perfect recipe.

With our NOW FRESH Grain-Free Recipe for Puppies, you can be sure your pup is getting all the nutritious goodness they need to help support their growth and development.

Do you have a success story to share? We'd love to hear it!


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