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March 10, 2022

Abby’s Story: How Now Fresh Paved the Way for a Healthier Life

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West Highland White Terrier looking at camera

Keeping our pups healthy and happy has a lot to do with proper nutrition! What we feed our fur babies plays a huge part in their well-being. Celtie, a West Highland Terrier, was experiencing a skin ailment when pet parent Brad switched to Now Fresh Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs. Since bringing home their newest pup, Abby, they made sure to follow the same diet after seeing what an incredible transformation Celtie had. Hear what pet parent, Brad, has to say below!

Working from home allows me to spend many hours with Abby, our beautiful West Highland Terrier. Abby is the second Westie we have had; Celtie was our first. When we adopted Celtie at age eight, she suffered from a skin ailment called atopy (atopic dermatitis, which looks like elephant skin). Our vet made it very clear that Celtie probably did not have too much more time to live due to her meds to treat the atopy. I decided to make changes in her diet immediately.

After attending a dog show and talking to a breeder who had a lot of success avoiding this condition, I decided to follow her Now Fresh adult dog food recommendation. I also applied a few drops of EFA (essential fatty oils for dogs) to her kibble. After approximately six months, the dried-up gray elephant-looking skin began to turn pink in color and soft to the touch, followed by fine baby hairs that started to grow!

After six more months, there were no atopy patches to be found. The new hair growth completely replaced the dead patches. Our vet said he had never seen this kind of transformation with this skin condition. As a result, Celtie lived four more completely healthy years before her passing. Having Abby, we continue to stay with this diet as it has proven successful.

I believe it all starts with your dog's health. A healthy dog is a huge part in your dog’s happiness and longevity.
West Highland White Terrier looking at camera
Brad AidaAbby's Pet Parent

Discover what makes Now Fresh the perfect recipe for your dog. With unique, delicious and wholesome ingredients, we’re sure you’ll find something your dog will love!

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West Highland White Terrier looking at camera

Brad Aida

Abby's Pet Parent