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September 7, 2021

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog During National Dog Week

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There’s a reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. They are wonderful, loyal companions that love to spend time with their owners. During National Dog Week, you may want to treat your furry friends to some fun, new experiences. 

Take a look at these seven fun things to do with your dog all week long. 

What is National Dog Week? 

National Dog Week began back in 1928, during the swing era. It was created by a group of people who were determined to educate others on better dog care. They believed that all dogs deserve a loving home, should be off the street, and there should be laws in favor of their protection. 

Today National Dog Week is a time to reflect on and continue that work; to ensure all dogs are taken care of and protected. It’s also a great opportunity to show the dog in your life a bit of extra attention and love. After all, dogs are fantastic protectors and friends when we need them most. 

So, what dog activities can you get stuck into this week? 

1. Teach Your Dog a New Trick 

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Think again: dogs (especially breeds like Retrievers or English Cocker Spaniels) love to learn new tricks. They get true satisfaction out of a mental workout and pleasing their owners. 

Try a basic trick that you haven’t learned before and be sure to take plenty of treats with you wherever you go. The best way to help your dog learn a new trick quickly is with plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. 

2. Make a DIY Dog Treat 

Perhaps you haven’t got the option of spending more time with your dog, or maybe your dog is elderly and can’t go on as many adventures as you used to. Don’t worry- there’s still something you can do to show your dog appreciation. Why not try your hand at making a DIY treat?  

Your dog can sit with you and smell the aromas as you put his treats together. There are plenty of options, depending on your dog’s diet. You can’t go wrong with frozen peanut butter cups or carrot and apple dog cookies

Large breed dog begging for kibble with tongue out

3. Have a Beach Day 

A day at the beach is fun for both dog and owner. There’s nothing like throwing a frisbee across fresh, soft sand and paddling in the sea with your best friend. Most dogs love the water so when you pair that with a favorite toy and your company, it’s heaven. 

Be sure to avoid the beach if the temperature is too high and consider buying some dog booties for your furry friend to protect his paws. 

4. Throw a Dog Party 

Yes, dogs love a good party too! Your dog has likely made some good friends when you’ve been out on your regular walks. If you want to do something truly special for your dog, why not invite all of his friends over for a party? 

You could include games like chasing the bubbles, catch the sprinklers, and give every dog a little treat to go home with. 

5. Treat Your Pup to the Spa (Groomers) 

Going to the groomers isn’t just essential to a dog’s health, it’s also a great treat. It’s one of the best indoor dog activities. Your pampered pooch will look and feel at his best after being bathed, trimmed, and clipped. 

If you want to do something out of the ordinary for your dog, ask the salon to treat him to their most luxury package. 

Black and white dog eating kibble from snuffle mat

6. Pick Out a New Toy 

Dogs get just as excited in a toy store as children do. Many dogs know exactly what they like and exactly what they want. Some dogs are enamored with balls, while others go crazy for squeaky toys. 

Treat your friend to some new dog activity toys that will keep him company when you’re not around.  

7. Try Out a New Trail 

Exploring new places with your dog is one of the best bonding activities you can do. It’s exciting for you both and a great way to make some lasting memories. If you can find somewhere with a lake or streams, all the better for your dog. 

Shaded areas, like forest trails, are often better for your dog if you’re planning on spending a few hours out. 

Giving Your Dog the Best 

For a long and healthy life, your dog needs healthy nutrition. At Now Fresh, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Simple and tasty nutrition, made with love and care. In the same way, humans eat a balanced diet for a healthy and vibrant life, our pets deserve the same consideration. 

National Dog Week is an excellent opportunity to show our beloved pets how much they mean to us. However, taking care of their health should be something we do all the time. If you’re looking for new nutritious food for your dog or cat, take a browse through our products

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog on National Dog Week 

There are plenty of fun things to do with your dog this week. However, the most important thing you can do for your dog is to spend quality time with them. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your dog will be happy to be at your side.  

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