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September 27, 2023

A Foster Fail Tale: Mr. Floyd Pickles Finds His Forever Home

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Cat in pet store next to bags of Now Fresh

Before being dubbed Mr. Floyd Pickles, this stray kitty was living on the streets for roughly 2 years in a small community in friendly Manitoba. Fortunately for him, he was picked up by a local animal rescue, and was taken in by a foster family, where a young child of the family gave him his very unique name. And, although this family would not be his forever home, this family did give him his forever name.

Mr. Floyd Pickles later was brought into a local pet store that was known for fostering cats, in hopes he’d quickly get adopted into a loving home. The only condition from the first foster family was that he keep his dignified name, and that no part of it would be left out. The store staff giggled, but ultimately couldn’t agree more.

As time went on, the store began to see what a wonderful cat he was becoming, and requested for him to stay another week, and then another, and another… until they realized, he belonged to them. The store and the staff were his forever home, and this foster fail would be his happily ever after.

Cat eating Now Fresh kibble

When Mr. Floyd Pickles first came into the store, he had a wiry topcoat and was losing clumps of fur. The store staff, with a wide selection of brands and products to choose from, knew just the product to fix him up and switched him to our Recipe with Turkey, Salmon & Duck for Adult Cats.

Over a year has passed now since Mr. Floyd Pickled has been officially adopted and fed our food, and the store staff have shared that he has come a long way from his scruffy, fur-losing days and has now filled out to be a beautiful cat with a thick, shiny coat.

He is still such a wonderful addition to our family and is loved by everyone who visits.
Cat licking its lips
Manitoba Store StaffMr. Floyd Pickles' New Family

We love hearing how our recipes help improve pets' lives and are thrilled to hear Mr. Floyd Pickles has not only found his loving, forever home, but also that he is thriving from our complete and balanced, minimally processed recipes!     


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

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