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June 27, 2024

Senior Dog Food Success for a Pair of Picky Sisters

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Two small breed senior dogs

In the journey of pet parenthood, finding the right nutrition for our aging furry friends is pivotal. Malcolm, a dedicated pet parent to Sofia and Mia, two senior small breed sisters, shares his story of discovering the perfect senior dog food that catered to their unique needs.

As Sofia and Mia entered their 13th year, Malcolm noted the significance of dietary choices in maintaining their zest and joy for life.

Despite Mia's pickier tendencies, the sisters have found unanimous approval with our Now Fresh Small Breed Senior dog food.

Both dogs are in their 13th year and are sisters. Mia tends to be fussier about her food. Both dogs look forward to their feeding times since we have been feeding them your small breed food.
Small breed senior dog
MalcolmSofia & Mia's Pet Parent

Their synchronized anticipation just before their dinner time, illustrates a delightful eagerness, a testament to the appeal of their meals.

They usually are fed at 5pm daily and at 4:45 pm they know it's time for supper and start to talk to us about supper. P.S. Daylight Savings time throws their timing off for a about a week.
Small breed senior dog
MalcolmSofia & Mia's Pet Parent

Through Malcolm's story, we're reminded of the joy and anticipation that the right dog food can bring to our aging companions. Have your own Now Fresh success story? Share your story with us through our form.

Now Fresh Small Breed Senior Grain-Free Recipe with Turkey, Salmon & Duck for dogs

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We're committed to helping our pint-sized pals lead happy, healthy lives. That's why we specially crafted our small breed senior dog food to deliver the nutrition they need, with a taste they love.


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

A Team of Dedicated Pet Parents & Nutrition Experts

We all want our cats and dogs to lead happy, healthy lives. We’re here to help you, with easy-to-understand information about your pet's daily care and feeding.

Small breed senior dog


Sofia & Mia's Pet Parent

Submitted by Malcolm.