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July 12, 2021

4 Ways to Show Your Dog Love

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Middle aged woman showing love to her Border Collie on a forest trail

Since caring for pets is at the heart of Now Fresh, when the team was presented with an opportunity to ask 2,000 American dog owners how they pamper their pups, it couldn’t be passed up. Pet owners show their dogs love in vastly different ways, but there are certainly many common themes!   

When it comes to pampering your furry companions, these are some of the most common ways that people expressed showing love to their dog. 

1. Add variety to mealtime 

Just like how we enjoy variety in our diets, the majority of people also feel that adding variety to their dog’s diet is a way to pamper them. One easy way you can do this is by switching to a different protein source, such as swapping from a fish recipe to a red meat recipe or even just by topping off your dog’s normal meal with a dollop of wet food. Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s transition guidelines though and slow down the process if you’re noticing any digestive upset to the new food. 

Another way you can try adding variety to your dog’s meal is by preparing them a home cooked meal, which two-thirds of dog parents said they have done! It’s even becoming quite common that people will bake dog-friendly cakes or serve steak to their dogs on birthdays or adoption anniversaries.  

2. Care about your dog’s comfort during hotter or colder seasons 

When the seasons change and it becomes time to pull out a sweater, rain jacket or winter coat, many dog owners have told us that they’re opting to do the same for their furry friends – almost 9 out of 10 dog parents told us they care about their dog’s comfort during the different seasons. A quarter of people didn’t stop there either, also mentioning buying life jackets and winter boots for their pups too. 

3. Pay close attention to what your dog eats 

Nearly 9 in 10 people say they pay close attention to what their dog eats. This could include making sure that your pup isn’t getting into anything that might cause them to get sick, like accidently finding your chocolate stash, or chewing on a toxic plant.  

Another common way that people pay attention to what their dog eats is by looking for recipes that use premium quality ingredients, which you can do by reading the ingredients on the food label– almost 4 out of 5 dog owners told us they take the time to do so! 

When we asked dog owners what they meant by premium-quality ingredients, common responses were:

  • Fresh and minimally processed
  • High-quality meat protein
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Grain free
NOW FRESH dry dog food recipes

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Our grain-free Recipes for Dogs are made with fresh, high-quality meat proteins like de-boned turkey, salmon and duck, are free from artificial colors and preservatives, and are tailored to the life stage and breed size of your dog.

People also said they looked for non-GMO ingredients, such as our grain-free wet food recipes for dogs.  

4. Treat your dog like a valued member of the family 

What better way to show your dog love than to treat them like part of the family? Almost 90% of dog owners do so! If you’re wondering what that might look like, maybe it means moving to a more pet-friendly location (think less elevators and more yard!), or maybe this looks like doing more of what your dog enjoys (more naps or more exercise?) — or maybe it’s simply spending more quality time with your pup, whether you focus on devoting more time to training, or swapping out your regular restaurant for a pet-friendly one.     

One thing is for sure, and that is there’s no end to the ways you can show love to your pups. We’re happy to learn that food is such a big part of it, since we think so too! That’s why we make our recipes with only the best ingredients, putting the same love and care into preparing meals as we do for the human members of our families – that’s our philosophy today, tomorrow, and forever.

Survey conducted by OnePoll for Now Fresh in June 2021 with a sample of 2,000 American dog owners. 


NOW FRESH team member Dawnya Harder with her dog, Louie

Dawnya Harder

Now Fresh Team

Dawnya is part of the Now Fresh team & is dog-mom to a senior rescue pup, Louie. They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but with lots of patience & treats Louie has learned to sit-pretty, speak and has improved his off-leash skills!