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May 24, 2023

7 Ways to Upcycle Pet Food Bags for the Garden and Outdoors

  • Eco-conscious
  • Recycling
Pet parent and dog outdoors in garden with bag of Now Fresh

At Petcurean, we're committed to being an eco-conscious company. Our dedicated staff members volunteer their efforts to minimize waste through consumption reduction, material reuse, and recycling or composting. We're always exploring options to create environmentally friendly packaging for our dry pet food, while ensuring freshness and durability. That's why we primarily source our dry pet food bags from North America, reducing our carbon footprint.

Let's talk about some creative ways to upcycle pet food bags in your garden and outdoors. Every little bit helps, right?

1. Leaf Mulch Bags

Use large dog and cat food bags to collect and store leaf mulch. These bags stand upright, making it easy to gather leaves.

2. Thorny and Sharp Waste Bags

Because pet food bags are sturdier and thicker, they're perfect for disposing of thorny or sharp garden waste. Say goodbye to plastic garden bags that end up like Swiss cheese!

3. Managing Weeds

Seal large pet food bags tightly to collect noxious weeds that don't belong in a compost bin. Dandelions, Scotch and Russian thistle, field bindweed, and others can be safely stored in these airtight bags to prevent seed pods from escaping.

Slice open the bags and use them as plastic sheeting to block weeds. After removing the bulk of the weeds, lay down the bags (with bottoms cut out and opened), and cover with mulch.

Woman with Pit Bull Terrier sitting behind potted plant in backyard

4. Grow Bags

Transform pet food bags into "grow bags" for your plants.

  • Step 1: Cut the bag open neatly at the top.

  • Step 2: Enjoy the dog food!

  • Step 3: Fill the bags with high-quality compost, fold, and staple the top shut. Lay them flat.

  • Step 4: Create drainage by making small holes in the underside with a sharp knife.

  • Step 5: Cut two slits along the top, from left to right, leaving some space from the bag's edge.

  • Step 6: Plant your desired greens, tomatoes, or cucumbers, spacing them about 15cm apart. It's like a portable garden!

5. Keeping Surfaces Clean

Cut open pet food bags and use them as barriers to protect your kitchen counter or potting bench during plant repotting.

6. Waterproofing

For camping enthusiasts, fold and secure the top edge of a pet food bag to create a waterproof bag for storing camping equipment or firewood. Alternatively, cut the bag open and use it as a waterproof mat in your car for muddy shoes, or sew multiple bags together to create a waterproof mat under sleeping bags when camping!

7. Car Storage

Keep the pet food bag intact and utilize it in your car to store or transport dog blankets.

The possibilities for upcycling pet food bags are endless! How many creative ideas can you come up with? Join us in making a positive impact on our planet.


Val C.

Val C.

Customer Care Representative

Val has been with the Petcurean team since 2005 and in the dog game since 1978, when she got her first Golden Retriever. She’s been active as a breeder, conformation exhibitor, obedience exhibitor, agility and flyball enthusiast, just to name a few.