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March 10, 2022

A Sibling Success: How Now Fresh Helped These Two Pups Achieve a Better Quality of Life

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Two dogs sitting in back of van with NOW FRESH kibble bag

Keeping one pup in good shape isn't always the easiest task - but make that two, and it can pose an even trickier task! At Now Fresh, we know just how important it is that your pup is cared for from the inside out, and that all starts with proper nutrition. Pups, Rufus and Sammi, saw an amazing transformation after making the switch to our Now Fresh Recipe for Puppies. Read what pet parent, Craig, has to say below!

Rufus and Sammi are siblings, and when Sammi joined the family, Rufus was already eating Now Fresh Recipe for Puppies. Sammi was a picky eater with known digestion issues, so we weren't sure if she would like Rufus' same food. Much to our surprise, after the first bowl, she seemed very satisfied! Within a very short time, her digestion problems subsided (no more gurgling belly or loose stools). I knew then we had the right food for life!

They don't have any problems with dry skin or patches of missing fur, and overall their coats are full, soft and shiny. They do not get store-bought dog treats, just occasional treats from the dinner table.

At 11 and half years old, these two are happy, healthy and as active as ever! They love adventure and can't wait for their next walk or trip to the off-leash dog park. Are these two dogs spoiled? Absolutely! They're not just pets, they're family. Now Fresh's puppy food has helped give our dogs a great quality of life!

Discover what makes Now Fresh the perfect recipe for your dog. With unique, delicious and wholesome ingredients, we’re sure you’ll find something your dog will love!

Do you have a success story to share? We'd love to hear from you!


Dog with mouth open

Craig Rogers

Rufus and Sammi's Pet Parent