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May 19, 2022

A Success Story to Perfect Health

  • Success Story
Poodle dog wearing harness in grassy field

We know deciding on the best food that's right for your pooch can be a lot of trial and error! Pet parent, Mark, realized that after putting his pup, Rocco, on a different diet, he wasn’t getting all the nutrients he needed. Now, after making the switch back to Now Fresh Recipe for Adult Dogs, Rocco is feeling much better and in perfect health! Read what Mark has to say below:

Rocco’s been a fantastic companion for my wife and me. He’s very active and enjoys walking in the river valley where we live! We picked up Rocco from a breeder in Alberta in March of 2018 at just 9 weeks old. The breeder had recommended Now Fresh as he was being fed that as a pup.

He was doing great on his Now Fresh dog food. However, 8 months ago, we decided to try a different brand, which didn’t work out so well. After about a month, he wasn’t feeling good. After a trip to the vet and looking at the ingredients on the other dog food we’re trying, it made sense. The other dog food seemed to be mostly chemicals. In about a week after switching back to our Now Fresh dog food, he was feeling much better! He really enjoys Now Fresh, and the vet says he is in perfect health. We couldn’t be happier.

We recommend reading the ingredient list on the dog food you buy; you may be very surprised. Also, get informed professional advice on what food is best. With Now Fresh, I was impressed they were quick to reply to my questions and with the effort they put in. Thank you!

NOW FRESH Grain-Free Adult Recipe for Dogs with peas and broccoli

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Discover what makes Now Fresh the perfect recipe for your dog. With unique, delicious and wholesome ingredients, we’re sure you’ll find something your dog will love!

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Poodle dog

Mark Dundas

Rocco's Pet Parent