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June 16, 2022

A Transformation of Two Pups: George and Kady’s Story

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Two dogs sitting in car trunk

At Now Fresh, we know just how important it is that your pups not only feel great on the inside – but the outside too! Pups, George and Kady, we're dealing with low energy and digestion issues. However, after their pet parent, Kimble, switched them to our Now Fresh Shredded Chicken Recipe with Bone Broth Gravy we are so happy to hear she has seen a complete transformation! Read what Kimble, has to say below:

I feed my two extra-large fur babies kibble with a wet food topper. However, the company discontinued the wet food we provided them, so the search began for a comparable replacement. I read a Top 10 list, tried the top 4 and was not impressed. As part of the trial, I visited my local pet store and had a conversation with the store associate. I explained I wished the maker of my premium kibble offered a wet food I could trust. She then told me all about Now Fresh. So, we gave it a try, and we love it!

At the age of 9, Kady decided she was no longer interested in kibble. She was just done with it! So, I started feeding her the Now Fresh pet food exclusively. Within a couple of days, I swear I saw her eyes brighten, her energy improve, and even her coat seemed better. Perhaps, like us humans, senior dogs may have trouble digesting kibble. I believe Kady is now getting better nutrition on the Now Fresh food. George will still eat kibble, but we're changing him over to a mix of wet dog food and dry food as we continue to watch for improvements.

I am so grateful to have found Now Fresh pet food. With two dogs over 100lbs, it can be a budget buster to provide them with the best. Thank you Now Fresh, for a premium product that my big senior pups can thrive on!

Discover what makes Now Fresh the perfect recipe for your dog. With unique, delicious and wholesome ingredients, we're sure you'll find something your dog will love!

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Dog mouth open smiling at camera

Kimble Darlington

George and Kady's Pet Parent