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Thoughtful nutrition, made simple.

We promise to make pet nutrition simple. Our expert pet nutritionists obsess over finding the perfect balance of fresh, simple ingredients, so you don’t have to. Why? Because your pet's health & wellness is our passion, plain & simple.

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    Ingredient arrangement with canola oil

    What We're Made of

    No fluff. Just the good stuff.

    We believe in using the best ingredients. That means using fresh meats & fish that's minimally-processed -- which is fancy talk for, our meat is cooked once to help preserve the nutrients your pet needs. No by-products. No meat meals. No worries.

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    What we're all about

    Specially crafted to suit your pet’s size & breed.

    The right food for your pet is food that’s made for their specific age and size. We take this all to heart and put it into our tailored recipes, giving every pet uncompromising nutrition for a lifetime.

    Petcurean team of nutritionists

    A balanced diet requires expertise.

    Our expert nutritionists work hard to create recipes your pet will love and a thoughtful process you can trust. We focus on making complete, balanced, wholesome food, so choosing quality food is easier. What's good for pets is good for pet parents.

    • Healthy Weight
      Perfectly balanced proteins and fats, tailored to age and size to support lifelong fitness.
    • Robust Immune System
      Fruits and veggies rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help fight off sickness.
    • Optimal Digestion
      Highly digestible fresh meats & fish, with probiotics & fibre-rich pumpkin & flaxseed to help them feel their best.
    • Healthy Growth & Aging
      Life stage-specific nutrition & recipes to support their needs from puppy & kitten to adult to senior.
    Blue heeler eating NOW FRESH kibble from slow feeder bowl

    Changing Pet's Lives Since 2007

    Puppy Approved!

    My blue heeler pup loved this food! I loved the healthy ingredients and my pup did too. I loved how the first few ingredients were turkey, peas, potatoes and eggs. The turkey, salmon and duck recipe was a perfect combination and I’ll definitely buy this food again.

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