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February 12, 2024

Success Story: A Lifetime of Health for a Doxipoo & Jackapoo

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Doxipoo and Jackapoo dogs

If you're a pet owner, you probably understand the struggle of finding a dog food that satisfies your pet's picky palate, especially when it comes to small breed dogs. Read on to hear one pet parent’s success in finding the best food for her two senior poodle mixes. 

April transitioned her Doxipoo Ruby to Now Fresh when she was 3 years old after several attempts experimenting with other brands. 

We tried multiple brands and this was the only one she liked.
Puppy in car seat
AprilRuby & Raymond's Pet Parent

When they adopted their second four-legged family member, Raymond, they didn't hesitate and put him on the same Now Fresh Small Breed Grain-Free Recipe with Turkey, Salmon & Duck for Senior Dogs. Raymond was a Jackapoo rescue with a dull coat at the time he was adopted. 

Within a week or 2 you could already see a huge difference in his fur. The look and feel of it.
Puppy in car seat
AprilRuby & Raymond's Pet Parent

April’s precious pooches are now in their senior years. Ruby is now 16 years old, and Raymond is 11! April says they’ve been on Now Fresh forever and wouldn’t change it. 

They have had long and healthy lives ... Neither of my dogs have any health issues and are both happy and healthy senior dogs.
Puppy in car seat
AprilRuby & Raymond's Pet Parent

If you're racking your brains trying to find the best food for poodles, doxipoos, and jackapoos, consider Now Fresh grain-free small breed dog food. Crafted with fresh meats and fish to satisfy picky eaters with tailored nutrition for small breed dogs. 

French Bulldog eating NOW FRESH kibble from bowl

Our Recommendation

Now Fresh Small Breed Dog Food 

We're dedicated to seeing our pint-sized pals lead vibrant, tail-wagging lives. That's why we specially crafted our grain-free small breed dog food to support a healthy lifestyle in little dogs. 

We love to hear how our pet food has made a difference in your furry friend's life. Have your own Now Fresh success story? Share your story with us by submitting your testimonial through our form.


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Ruby & Raymond's Pet Parent

Submitted by April.