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April 8, 2024

Success Story: Finding the Best Food for a Bernedoodle Puppy

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Two Shih Tzu dogs

Kimberly, a devoted pet owner, understands that finding the right dog food can be as varied and complex as the dogs themselves. With three canine companions—senior dog Maggie, adult dog Penelope, and Zoey a large breed puppy—she faced the challenge of finding a food that catered to their unique needs, from puppyhood through to senior living.

Having three dogs of varying ages (Maggie 11 years, Penelope 6 years and Zoey 7 months), all with different nutritional needs (not to mention various reactions to foods including allergies) ... I have certainly tried many makes/formulas over the years.
Shih Tzu dog
KimberlyMaggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Whether it's small breed dogs or large breed puppies, each stage of a dog's life demands specific nutritional focuses. Kimberly was on the hunt for a dog food brand that provided wholesome nutrition for all of her dogs' life stages, without any iffy ingredients. Enter Now Fresh dog food, tailored to specific breed sizes and life stages.

I came upon Now Fresh when I was comparing various brands of dog food specifically looking for those that didn’t contain questionable ingredients ... Now Fresh was the only dog food that crossed all my t’s. It had what I was looking for and didn’t have what I was wanting to avoid.
Shih Tzu dog
KimberlyMaggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Kimberley’s biggest challenge was finding the best food for her Bernedoodle puppy.

Bernedoodle puppy and two small dogs
My biggest challenge was my Bernedoodle puppy Zoey. Prior to Now Fresh Zoey had bouts of upset stomach/diarrhea to the point she was going to the bathroom ten to thirteen times a day ... I just didn’t know what to do.
Shih Tzu dog
KimberlyMaggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Transitioning Zoey to Now Fresh's diet designed for large breed puppies was a game changer. Her bathroom breaks seemingly normalized.

Once Zoey was on Now Fresh her tummy troubles seemed to settle and actually saw a difference in a couple of days but within the first two weeks or less ... she went from going to the washroom 10-13 times a day down to 3-5. Yes! Her transition over to Now Fresh was super smooth as well with no negative effects.
Shih Tzu dog
KimberlyMaggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Penelope and Maggie also reaped benefits. The absence of unnecessary fillers and the inclusion of high-quality proteins meant that the adult and senior formulas not only fulfilled their nutritional needs but also helped curb adverse food reactions like itchy skin.

Proof that what goes into the making of a dog food absolutely shows in our dogs health (inside and out).
Shih Tzu dog
KimberlyMaggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Kimberly's multi-breed, multi-life stage canine family is a perfect instance of Now Fresh's versatility. From easing a puppy's growing pains to ensuring a senior dog's comfort, Now Fresh satisfies the diverse and specific nutritional requirements of different breeds and life stages.

Now Fresh dry dog food recipes

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We love to hear how our pet food has made a difference in your furry friend's life. Have your own Now Fresh success story? Share your story with us by submitting your testimonial through our form.


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

A Team of Dedicated Pet Parents & Nutrition Experts

We all want our cats and dogs to lead happy, healthy lives. We’re here to help you, with easy-to-understand information about your pet's daily care and feeding.

Shih Tzu dog


Maggie, Penelope and Zoey's Pet Parent

Submitted by Kimberly.