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March 12, 2024

Success Story: Finding the Best Food for a Mastiff & Bulldog

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Mastiff and English Bulldog

Finding the best dog food for breeds with sensitive stomachs like English Bulldogs can be quite a quest. Deb, pet parent to Nashville and Charlotte, knows this pursuit all too well. In seeking a diet that met her dogs' specific needs, she came across Now Fresh in 2011, and there's been no turning back since!

We have never changed the food on 3 of our dogs. It’s amazing food. Doesn’t give our dogs gas and they have nice silky hair.
Mastiff dog
DebNashville & Charlotte's Pet Parent

Her English Mastiff Nashville has enjoyed our Large Breed recipe, while her English Bulldog Charlotte eats the Grain-Free Turkey, Salmon & Duck Adult Recipe.

Such a positive experience is particularly noteworthy for her English Bulldog, a breed often saddled with a reputation for frequent vet visits. Deb cheerfully boasts,

We have been so happy with this food. They say buy a Bulldog because they are the vet’s best friend, well our Bulldog is so healthy.
Mastiff dog
DebNashville & Charlotte's Pet Parent

Deb has been feeding Now Fresh to three of her dogs for over 10 years and remains a devoted advocate for the brand. The absence of digestive issues and the visible benefits in maintaining their coat health have sealed her trust in Now Fresh.

Now Fresh dry dog food recipes

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If you're on a similar path as Deb and trying to find the best dog food for your furry companions, consider Now Fresh dog food. Crafted with fresh meats and fish and tailored to your dog’s life stage and breed size.

Inspired by Deb's story or have your own tale to tell? We're eager to hear how Now Fresh has touched the lives of your pets. Share your journey with us; your testimonial could be the guiding light for others in the pet parent community. Submit your story through our form and join our community of happy, healthy pets.


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

A Team of Dedicated Pet Parents & Nutrition Experts

We all want our cats and dogs to lead happy, healthy lives. We’re here to help you, with easy-to-understand information about your pet's daily care and feeding.

Mastiff dog


Nashville & Charlotte's Pet Parent

Submitted by Deb.