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August 6, 2021

Blu & Benny’s Success from Now Fresh Recipes: A Positive Impact and New Personalities

  • Success Story
Two Chihuahuas

When you find your new puppy, it’s likely that they may be on a diet you wouldn’t have chosen for them in the first place. Whether you choose to feed kibble or wet food, it’s important that puppies are being fed the best quality nutrition for them to grow into happy, healthy dogs from a young and growing age. We are excited to share with you a success story of two dogs and brothers, Blu and Benny, and the positive impact Now Fresh Turkey, Salmon & Duck Recipe for Puppies and Adult Dogs has made in their lives. Hear what their pet parents had to say below!

Blu and Benny are both chihuahuas, with different coats. Blu is long-haired, and Benny is short-haired. When we had first gotten our fur babies, they were on another kibble. However, it was imperative to ensure that we fed both of them with a product that was healthy when it comes to our dogs. We took the time to read packages and compare ingredients, which led us to try Now Fresh. Since transitioning both of them to Now Fresh Recipe for Puppies and Adult Dogs - let me say they both love it! They will not eat any other kibble than Now Fresh. We noticed a massive difference in their personalities in a positive way. I can not stress enough to any pet owner to give Now Fresh Recipes a try, and they too will notice an improvement. Today, many products in the market are cheap and of poor quality; however, Now Fresh is not only an affordable option but is high-quality kibble, too. Both Blu and Benny are very healthy as a result of their new diets!

Our dogs are healthy, full of energy, have nice coats and love NOW FRESH!
Two Chihuahuas
Mary & Ashley Luzzi-BrownBlu & Benny's Pet Parents

We love hearing success stories like this and how a high-quality diet can make such a difference in our dog’s lives. We are so happy that Blu and Benny are doing better than ever and living happy, healthy lives!

If you’re considering switching your puppy or adult dog to a new recipe, try our Now Fresh Recipes for Dogs that are perfectly balanced packed with fresh meat and fish. We’re sure your pup will love it.

Do you have a success story to share? We’d love to hear from you!


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

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