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April 8, 2024

Senior Dog Success: A Beagle Spaniel Cross Ecstatic for Stew

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Beagle eating from carton of Now Fresh

As pet owners, we probably all want the same thing: to ensure our companions are happy, healthy, and living their best lives. For Corrie, seeing her 14-year-old Beagle Spaniel cross Layla overjoyed at mealtimes brings her immense joy.

Layla's enthusiasm for food knows no bounds, but there's something special about the Now Fresh Turkey Stew and Pork Stew that sends her into a tail-wagging frenzy.

Layla is a 14-year-old Beagle Spaniel cross who lives for food. She’s always excited to get anything to eat but I’ve never seen her so ecstatic as when she gets this wet food.
Beagle eating from carton of Now Fresh
CorrieLayla's Pet Parent

Corrie favors our Now Fresh recipes due to their nutritious ingredients, packed with fresh meats, fruits and veggies.

I like all the nutritious ingredients and love that I can see things like real pieces of carrots and potatoes in there. I will now always have some in my house for her.
Beagle eating from carton of Now Fresh
CorrieLayla's Pet Parent

Layla’s meals have become a winning moment in her day, her vibrant energy is a testament to her love for the stews, it's become a ritual that feeds both Layla's stomach and Corrie's heart.

It makes her day when she gets this food because she loves it so much, which then makes me happy!
Beagle eating from carton of Now Fresh
CorrieLayla's Pet Parent

Our Now Fresh wet food recipes are more than just gourmet delicacies for Layla. They've given Corrie the peace of mind that every pet owner seeks: knowing the food your pet consumes is both nutritious, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Dog laying on floor beside NOW FRESH wet food Tetra Paks

Our Recommendation

Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Recipes

Crafted with fresh meats and fish in a savory bone broth for a meaty flavor that dogs love.

We love to hear how our pet food has made a difference in your furry friend's life. Have your own Now Fresh success story? Share your story with us by submitting your testimonial through our form.


Now Fresh Team

Now Fresh Team

A Team of Dedicated Pet Parents & Nutrition Experts

We all want our cats and dogs to lead happy, healthy lives. We’re here to help you, with easy-to-understand information about your pet's daily care and feeding.

Beagle eating from carton of Now Fresh


Layla's Pet Parent

Submitted by Corrie.