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August 13, 2021

A Rescue Pup Transformation: From Health Issues to Healthy and Happy

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Closeup of Chihuahua

We are always amazed at hearing success stories about our furry friends and the incredible transformations they have. Izzy was only 2.5 pounds when her pet parent rescued her. With the help of our Now Fresh Recipes, Izzy was able to get her life and health back! She is now a happy and healthy dog. Here's what her owner, Bunny, had to say:

A show dog breeder didn't want Izzy because she had some neurological issues. She was only six months old and could hardly sit up. She had seizures quite often, and we didn't think she would live to be one year. The first vet we took her to said, "She is a genealogical disaster....take her back to the breeder." So, we left and changed vets. Izzy went into heat at about seven months and bled for a long time. The vet finally decided to go ahead and spay her. However, Izzy couldn't keep any food down. She threw up her food at least once a day for months. We tried everything. She wouldn't touch soft food, and she was NOT food motivated. The vet told us she might have an allergy to grain. So, after numerous visits to a local pet food store, they suggested we try the Now Fresh Red Meat Recipe for Small Breed Adult Dogs. Izzy liked it right away! Her mouth is very tiny, but she can chew the small bites. Izzy weighs 6.5 pounds now, and her vomiting has stopped, as well as her seizures. She's now a happy and healthy little dog!

Thank you, NOW FRESH. I'm so glad that I tried your dog food. I think you saved Izzy's life!
Closeup of Chihuahua
Bunny Phillips Izzy's Mom

We are so happy to hear Izzy is now thriving and that she's now a happy and healthy dog. As with all rescue pup transformations, loving pet parents make all the difference!

Do you have a success story to share? We'd love to hear from you!


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Now Fresh Team

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