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Our Promise

We promise to make pet nutrition simple. Our expert pet nutritionists obsess over finding the perfect balance of fresh, simple ingredients, so you don’t have to. Why? Because your pet's health & wellness is our passion, plain & simple.

    Dog with bag of NOW FRESH and fresh food
    NOW FRESH dog food on kitchen counter

    Our Founding Principle

    Premium Quality Pet Nutrition Made Simple

    We believe the key to helping dogs & cats thrive throughout their lives is complete, minimally processed nutrition made with only the best ingredients. We then tailor each recipe to size & life stage to help you choose the ideal recipe for your pet.

    Ragdoll cat on counter with fruits and veggies

    What We're Made Of

    Fresh Ingredients, Balanced Nutrition

    We’re choosy about our ingredients and believe balance is best. We use fresh de-boned meats like turkey, salmon & duck, whole eggs, and nutrient-dense fruits & veggies. We don’t use by-product or meat meals, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

    Petcurean Nutrition Team

    Crafted by Experts for Complete Health

    We keep processing to a minimum to preserve nutrients and great flavour. By blending whole foods with supplemental ingredients such as probiotics & glucosamine, our expert pet nutritionists craft our recipes to support complete health.

    • Healthy Weight
      Perfectly balanced proteins & fats tailored to your pets age & size to help them stay fit as they age.
    • Healthy Immune System
      Fruits & veggies rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help fight off sickness.
    • Good Digestion
      Highly digestible fresh meats & fish, with probiotics & fibre-rich pumpkin & flaxseed to help them feel their best.
    • Healthy Growth & Aging
      Recipes tailored to puppy & kitten, adult, and senior to support their needs at every stage of life.
    Blue heeler eating NOW FRESH kibble from slow feeder bowl

    Changing Pet's Lives Since 2007

    Puppy Approved!

    My blue heeler pup loved this food! I loved the healthy ingredients and my pup did too. I loved how the first few ingredients were turkey, peas, potatoes and eggs. The turkey, salmon and duck recipe was a perfect combination and I’ll definitely buy this food again.
    Salmon and parsley

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